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I'ma go off (yeah) I'ma ride tonight (yeah)

It don't matter what we face
I'ma go off (I'ma ride tonight)
I'm the master of my fate
I'ma go off (I'ma go off)
I'ma go off (I'ma go off)
I gotta go now

Nine-nine, nine-nine (yeah)
You're rocking with the heathen child in overdrive
Yeah yeah, I-5 to I-9
We go all niiiiight, yeah (straight up!)
Double 0 speed, double 0 Chevy
I hit the fourth gear, hope I don't drift
Souped up cars all around me
Hot-boxing at a high speed
One lane driving
Bad thing beside me
One more time on the road (it's lit)
One more time 'fore we go